Virginia G. Piper
Charitable Trust

Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust is a private, independent foundation committed to honoring Virginia Galvin Piper’s legacy of supporting organizations that enrich health, well-being, and opportunity for the people of Maricopa County. Piper Trust concentrates its efforts in six areas: healthcare and medical research, children, older adults, arts and culture, education, and religious organizations.

The Trust strives to be a vital part of Maricopa County—not only as a source of leadership and financial support, but as a neighbor sharing a lasting stake in the county’s future. Since it began awarding grants in 2000, Piper Trust has invested more than $335 million in nonprofits, programs, and strategic initiatives.

The Legacy of Virginia Galvin Piper

With exceptional intelligence and grace, Virginia Galvin Piper committed herself to the challenge, reward, and vocation of philanthropy, transforming the gift of a single life into an enduring humanitarian legacy. With profound generosity, she led others to realize and to act upon the greatness and charity within themselves.

Through the establishment of the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust and the dedicated work of its trustees, Virginia’s legacy thrives, illumined by her signature spirit of intelligent stewardship graced by a noble heart.

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Piper Trust Officers & Staff

  • Dr. Susan Pepin
    President & CEO
  • Mary Jane Rynd
    Executive Vice President & CFO
  • Marilee L. Dal Pra
    Vice President of Programs
  • Laurie Callan
  • Clarin Collins, Ph.D.
    Research & Evaluation Officer
  • Alma Cuellar
    Facilities Coordinator
  • Debbie Dickey
    Administrative Coordinator
  • Erin Goodman
    Program Associate
  • Lynn Hoffman
    Director of Financial Services
  • Renée Khoury
    Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
  • Karen Leland
    Director of Communications & External Relations
  • Terri Leon
    Program Officer
  • Roberta Lind
    Communications Coordinator
  • Leslee Oyen
    Board & Executive Assistant
  • Diane Prindiville
    Assistant Controller
  • Gary Romero
    Director of Grants Management
  • Ellen Solowey
    Program Officer
  • Nick Wenham
    Grants Management Associate


For questions or comments about Continuing the Momentum: Here to Stay (Piper Trust’s FY2014 Annual Report), or for ideas about future annual reports, please contact:

Karen Leland
Director of Communications/External Relations
Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust

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